Cafe Neo Paloos Place – Thanks for the Memories

June 1, 2017

Cafe Neo Paloos Place – The long uneven and bumpy road that surely damaged the bottom of our low rides in some way… the 2 black gates that confused us as we approached, not knowing which is the entrance and which is the exit… the driveway with the wonderful greenery surrounding it…. the huge lawn, what great memories we made on that huge lawn… the best events in town that had the neighbors threatening local government action… the Cafe, the quiet, serene Cafe, where we could bury our heads over a hot brew and just work until we couldn’t work anymore. The BBQs, the Secret Cinemas, the kids parties, the food festivals, the Jazz festivals, the dinner parties, the list goes on….

Cafe Neo Paloos place might be closing down now, but in our minds it will always be open through the great memories that we shared there.

Farewell Cafe Neo, Paloos Place and Hello Cafe Neo, Chopsticks Plaza. Incase you’re wondering where that is, it is opposite the ASCON petrol station by the Lekki/Ikoyi bridge in Lekki Phase 1.

P.s. Paloos place is still open for events in the garden space… so keep them bookings coming!

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