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Fresh Productivity Tips That Can Change Your 2018

February 15, 2018
Cafe Neo Yaba


We live in a time restricted world. We have so many things to do that we often stall. This is not from lack of skill or lack of intelligence. It is simply a lack of process. In order to be productive, you must change that.

Look around your office. You will probably see two different types of people. There is the person who is always going 90 to nothing doing everything (usually dramatically) and expending much energy. You may think at first glance that this work-horse is holding up the weight of the company. Without her extreme workload, surely the business would fail. But, is this true?

The second personality type is the quiet and focused person. They are usually in management. Employees that are type 1 usually resent these people, They believe that they work twice as hard and all that type 2 does is come up with more ways to make them carry the load. From a CEO point of view, this is dead wrong.

The manager is more effective and more productive. They watch details. They have processes in place to see every aspect of the company. They have identified the work-horse. Though she may work hard, she will rarely advance past lower level positions. This is due to the fact that she lets the day control her instead of controlling her day. Her great energy allows her to do her job, but not to every look past it.

Tips for Increasing Productivity

  • Do your most important task first
    • Not only is this a smart business move, as it ensures that the task is done without issue, but it is also a mental boost.  If you put off doing a job that is critical, it will weigh on you. As you handle less important duties you edge toward panic mode. Your disposition changes to one of a self-perceived overworked and under-appreciated person.
  • Use a daily calendar and employ time-blocking.
    • Many people create a weekly or even monthly to-do list. There is nothing wrong with this, but unless you used a daily calendar, you will not accomplish all that you need to immediately. The method you should use is called time-blocking. You place each item on your calendar and block out the amount of time you can dedicate to working on it. You must stick to the schedule in order to be at your most productive.
  • Understand that there is no such thing as multitasking.
    • The simple fact is, you cannot do several things at one time and do any of them as well as you can. Do one thing and move it aside and do another. This is productivity
  • Make time for your passions
    • In order for you to be the best person you can be, you have to invest in yourself. Identify the things you enjoy and determine how much you want to enrich your life with them.  For example, maybe you love good coffee. You love to learn about how and where it is grown. You enjoy tasting the different blends, and this brings you happiness. Where do you want to take this?


Cafe Late from Cafe Neo

This is where you add personal growth to professional habits. Make this a project and add it to your schedule. Ask yourself, “What are the best coffee beans?” Research the 10 beans you want to try (before you die) on Home Grounds website.

Once you have chosen the coffee beans you want to try, create a plan of action to do so.  The point is, your personal life, loves, and enjoyment is equal to your passion for your work. Be sure to include everything that makes you a well-rounded person. Accomplishing this is the true measure of productivity and success.



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Cafe Neo And Big Cabal Media Get $250,000 From Lagos Angel Network

May 31, 2016

Lagos Startup DealDay which has event put together by the Lagos Angel Network saw two recipients get $250,000 from its maiden edition. These ventures are Cafe Neo and Big Cabal Media.

Although the event took place on March 31, 2016, the names of the recipients were not released until of recent.

One recipient Cafe Neo, is major player in the coffee chains space in Nigeria and currently have eleven outlets spread across the commercial city of Lagos.

The other, Big Cabal Media is the media company responsible for online like TechCabal, Zikoko and Radar. No doubt they have shown how the power of the media can be used for good as was they were instrumental to the enlightenment of Nigerians about the Ebola Virus, with the creation of EbolaFacts.

Lagos Startup DealDay is a quarterly investment process run by the Lagos Angel Network (LAN). It brings together LAN members, other angel investors and Lagos startup ecosystem players in a process where the very best startup ventures (across sectors) are guaranteed funding. Using Lagos StartUp DealDays as a vehicle, LAN is targeting to raise N100 million from its members and the early stage investment community for Lagos startups during 2016.

The second edition of the Lagos StartUp DealDay is set to take place June 30, 2016 and interested startups can apply here.

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March 18, 2016

…or in the words of Baba Segi, rat no dey chop  provisions of person wey no dey sleep.


No relevance really but we heard it last week and it sounded cool.  We suggest you try and use it over the next week in meetings and see what the reaction is. Hours of fun – trust us!!!

Some good news – bubble tea is in the house!!!  Yes, regulars know that it’s been on our menu for a while but we were never quite ready.  But now we are, so rush to our Adeyemi Lawson or Sanusi Fafunwa locations – order and enjoy.  For those who haven’t tried it yet or think our prices are too high, you can try this recipe at home.  Take one neo clear cup, throw in about 10-20 small balls of garri (the harder the better), ideally dyed to be the color of dark amala. Pour in about 3 cans of peak carnation milk, dunk in one bag of lipton and  add sugar to taste. Then…take selfie of yourself drinking in a sophisticated manner and post via instagram or twitter @mycafeneo. (psst: our accountant forced us to put this line as a not-so-subtle hint for more customer engagement on social media.  The more you post, the less we spend on marketing so abeg epp us!)

Back in the real world, we have been enjoying healthy patronage from our learned friends from Law School. The first time they were spotted, it felt like they were en route to a cocktail party in their white on black finery. This was around 11am so we thought they had dressed up early to beat the accursed island traffic. But what did it for us was the fact that at the end of every sentence they would finish with words like ipso factum or ratio decidendi – It was  actually a very confusing period for some of our new baristas who would just stare at the lawyer wondering whether this was a strange strain of fone or maybe corpus deliciti was a variant of caramel machiatto. Just playing o – do let us know how we can serve you better ( please don’t say more electrical points).

That’s all for this week – thanks for all the feedback and keep your suggestions coming.  We normally have a secret entry below by one our baristas but this time, we learnt in advance the identity of this week’s guest.  You and I know her as the eclectic Precious but we learnt that there is an alter ego known as  Noni PPJ – enjoy and happy listening!

Cafe Neo Big Boys

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An Intimate Night with Femi Leye at #NeoAIR

November 23, 2015
Femi Leye & Cafe Neo

Coffee and beautiful live music met in a place which brought about an awesome atmosphere that turn strangers to friends. It was a beautiful night to remember last week Friday, the 20th of November 2015 as Femi Leye came to perform @mycafeneo located at  cre8space, 6, Agoro Odiyan Str, VI, Lagos.

More pictures from #NeoAIR

So many lovely Cafe Neo merchandise were on display, #cafeneomugs #cafeneotees #neopressocapsules

Fun, Neo Events

Tomi Owo Live on NeoAir

November 12, 2015

@mycafeneo When beautiful live music and coffee meet you know what’s up ?

By popular demand we are bring back #NeoAIR.

Our #NeoAIR act this Thursday (Nov. 12, 2015) is the beautiful @tomiowo

She has two awesome singles out #pieces and #ile.

She will be performing @cre8spaceng 6, Agoro Odiyan Street, Victoria Island.
From 6pm-9pm

Come and have a great evening, don’t be selfish bring friends.

#cafeneo #mycafeneo