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Welcome to the Neo Year!

February 5, 2018
New Year resolutions

New Year resolutions

Welcome to the Neo Year!  It’s 2018 and we are just as excited as you are!

At the start of every year, we all take time out to draw up lists, highlighting the numerous feats we hope to achieve before the year runs out, the battles we want to fight, the addictions we want to drop (unless its Coffee), the places we want to go, the things we want to try, the changes we want to make and much more…. so-called Neo Year resolutions.

As any truthful person who ever jotted any of these life-changing lists down would tell you; making the list is one thing, sticking to the script is another story. As the wise strategist Sun Tzu once said, “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy”. Boy, was he right.

Sometimes, life happens and when life decides to really happen, it turns your world, your plans, and your schedule inside out, making a mockery of what you thought could be. So what are we saying here you ask? While it is okay to have laid out plans and meticulous schedules for the year, don’t fret when obstacles or unforeseen circumstances come and force you to abort mission and redirect focus.

Let’s talk about redirection and refocusing for a minute. This year, realistically speaking, your meticulously laid out road plan may have some bumps, potholes or even road blocks that will make you rethink your direction. What we are here to tell you is that it is okay to redirect and re-focus. It is okay to hold the grand vision of how you want your year to pan out in your head and act in ways that alter the forethought reality based on changes that happen around you. It is called adaptability, the ability to move with the times and trends.  As we all know execution is what brings the best laid plans to life. By all means plan, because ‘fail to plan and plan to fail’, but always leave enough room to readjust to the differing situations that life brings.

Make a decision today. Decide that you will enjoy your year no matter what. Do not allow a potentially great year to be ruined due to unforeseen alterations to initial plan. Live life! Read books! Go out! Meet People, Connect! Create and most importantly drink lots and lots of Coffee!

The sooner we accept that one of the only things constant in life is change and we learn to adapt to these changes, the easier life would be for us all.

So cheers to a Neo Year, to productivity, to change (No APC) and to adaptability!


Diary of a Barista -Opportunity na like customer

June 12, 2017

So this morning, as a Cafe Neo Barista . Na so I wake for like 4:30, Baff up, enter transport reach Cafe Neo Isaac John for that kain 6. I open shop, on light, on music, start espresso machine make everywhere dey smell like correct Arabica Coffee,

carry out all my “checks and balances” as my oga boss dey call am. I first shack one shot of espresso as a Barista… make my eye open well well, notin like sleep dey dere again. My first customer show for like 7:05. I just dey tell you this story for pidgin onto say na the way I dey feel at the time, but as my customer show, I gats switch am up to tush small. “Wecome to Café Neo ma’am”, our usual greeting as customers walk in. She had stumbled into the Café, gasping for breath and sweating profusely. She made her way to the bar and buried her head against the counter surface. “Canaha-A-CaHmel-MachHaaa please, Hextra CaHmaul please” she mumbled, handing me the exact N1,600 amount due.

I knew what she wanted and got to work immediately. Grabbed the Cold Cup. WHAM! Ground a batch of Coffee. GRRRRRR! Temped the ground Coffee. (I don’t know the sound effect to use so please pardon me) Drizzled the caramel Sawce onto the sides of the cup to make it look tasty!. SLUUUURP! Reached for Ice out of the ice machine. Pause. Reached again for Ice out of the ice machine. No Ice. Yekpa. I don dey tell these my ogas sey the ice machine dey f@#! Up. Wetin be this wahala? Na abuse I go chop for breakfast this morning now. These were the thoughts running through my mind.

Wait, calm down, and use your brain small, check freezer. Barista wey get sense pass you fit don buy ice store am for freezer. I opened the freezer, and like a sunlight being slowly unveiled in a dark room, there it was, ICE BLOCK! Each icicle glistening like a diamond. I had never been happier to see common Ice in my life. So where was I? Reached for ice out of the ice machine freezer. Ice in the Caramel drizzled cup. Poured in the Cold Milk. Slowly poured in the Espresso to form that familiar white and a splash of brown pattern. I could see the eagerness in her eyes as the extra caramel sauce drizzled onto the surface of the cold beverage.

“There you g…” She snatched it before I could complete the sentence chugging down about two thirds of the drink in two gulps. “Don’t you need a straw ma’am? She smiled and kept drinking straight from the Cup. “That was sensational” she said, before dropping a N500 tip in the tip cup, turning round and jogging out of the Café. “Have a nice day” I shouted after her, hoping that alone would persuade her to return for the same again tomorrow. “What a delightful customer”.

As she don fade, my mindset just return to streets. See as the woman happy as I deliver am the pafect cold cup. Imagine if Ice for no dey, wetin I for do? The morale of the story here be say “make una always get back up ooo” opportunity na like customer wey fit come at any gaddem time, and you fit dull yourself if you no dey prepared. Anyway, then came my next customer and gosh does he look angry, anyways “Welcome to Café Neo Sir”!